Today in the Studio June 11, 2018


This is fun! I might decide to darken the pelicans but then again maybe not. I’ll let it sit for awhile, then decide. This is my first foray into oils for a very long time and have to say, I love working with them. No worries about paint drying before I’m ready to move on. If I stay with a one-stroke technique, the colour blending is great!

I’m going to try some of my unsuccessful acrylic paintings again in oil.

Today in the Studio May 31, 2018


Interesting how ideas evolve. This is a sketch I did on site. It’s a segment of the creek that I thought was interesting. Then I took it back to the studio, thinking that the creek would do well with a palette knife. This is that look:

IMG_6185 It’s a very textured piece which you can’t really tell from the photo. Then I decided that what I liked most about the creek was the lighting on the reeds. So I did this:

IMG_6186 I’m still working on the next painting but it uses the same technique as the reeds:

IMG_6187  Have to say I’m really enjoying this style. And all from a horrible sketch of the creek! 🙂

Today in the Studio May 22, 2018

May 22 2018 2

My first “urban” sketch of the summer. This is the Rec Centre boat launch sketched from the Safeway docks. Love my new summer hours. I’m open when I’m at the studio and closed when I’m not. That frees me up to take advantage of beautiful weather and get out painting and sketching.

May 22 2018 1

This is the start of a painting I’m doing from a book called “Fine Art Tips with Lori McNee”. The artist whose demo I’m copying is Robert Moore. I’m picking up lots of tips for painting the Boreal from Robert’s demo. He shows his reference photo which is similar to the cluttered forest we get around here. Such fun!