Gunwale-Bobbing Champ

Approx. 7′ tall, 5’long and 3’deep


Gunwale Bobbing Champ 

This sculpture, made from rebar, metal armatures, wire mesh and cement was created to display during the Lake of the Woods Arts Community exhibit entitled “Dip, Dip and Swing” in the summer of 2017 in Kenora.

The sculpture, my first large piece attempted with cement, weighs approx 300 lbs. Designed to be displayed outside, my choice of concrete is weather-proof, durable and, I felt, would blend well in the treed environment it would call home for the summer.

It depicts the fun of gunwale-bobbing, an activity we enjoyed as kids on the lake.

I owe special thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their exhibition grant which helped me bear the cost of erecting and transporting this heavy, awkward piece.